Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Amay’s 1st tooth

Growing up, one of the few sentences I often heard was ‘wait till you become a parent and only then will you understand’. This has actually been ringing into my ears since I became a father. It’s been nearly a year that Amay was born. Probably the shortest year in my life, the time has just flown by.

Seems, just yesterday that we went to the hospital and within hours the doctor handed me a pink child who couldn't open his eyes. Well, he wasn't alone I couldn't open mine too as tears were flowing from them and the biggest possible lump made it’s way up my stomach to my throat.

“It’s a boy”, the doctor said.
“Amay”, my heart said.

Life has been a roller coaster ride and the year past, had milestones a plenty. His 1st flight, his 1st meal, his 1st words and his 1st step.  The world, our world has been rotating about him. Then last week there was another milestone and the reason for this post. Amay’s 1st tooth.

I was woken up from my not-so-deep-slumber by my wife and told that he had fever.  I often dismiss her ‘fever’ claims as her paranoia. She is too protective a mom, and I a pretentious-cool dad. I play cool, I have to play cool, someone has to play cool and wear the sanity hat. I touched his throat that was warm, his hands warmer and his forehead the warmest.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry get the thermometer” I asked her, and saw that he was sleepy, tired may be. I pat him up a bit, wore my foolish face that makes him peel with laughter. No response.

“Here” She’d come back.

I put the thermometer under his arm pit and waited for it to beep. 102.5, the reading startled me a bit and any iota of sleep that was left, vanished from my lazy body.

“Play cool”, I reminded myself.

“How much?” she asked.

“Just 102, don’t worry get the medicine bag” I ordered as dismissively as I could, betraying my own fears. She returned with the bag, as luck would have it, we had only used the fever medication and nothing else from the bag. Though, the bottle was more than half full, we didn't remember when it was opened, at least a couple of months back, I thought.

“I’ll go get some new one’s”, I said, “you try to make him fall back to sleep”.

“Where will you get any at 5 in the morning?” she enquired.

“Don’t worry, try to sleep” I replied, convincingly being a father is difficult. Being a father is very difficult. You can’t show your worried face to the mother of your child lest she should get even more tensed and in turn you get even more worried it is vicious cycle.

“102.5 is high if it crosses 103 I’ll call an ambulance” I told myself, “I’ll be back quickly” I told her. Half wearing my shoes I jogged down the stairs, contemplating between running to Tesco, about a mile from my place and calling a cab, then I had a massive brain wave.

There’s a petrol bunk almost next to my house, and thus a small convenience or payment store that is open through the night. I had not been to that store very often, but my brain was repeatedly flashing images of a medicine shelf and in it, the medicine that I needed. I did not remember seeing any medicines in the store whenever I’d been there. However, a voice and an image inside me forced me to get into the store.

There it stood, a bottle of infant ‘paracetamol’ right behind the counter. I quickly ordered it checked the dates, the doses made the payment and was back home in a jiffy. The wife was surprised at my speed too. I told her about the store, keeping the images and voices to myself. The medicine worked almost immediately and the fever subsided in about a couple of minutes.

He was sleeping soundly, after a few more minutes, looking at him those words ‘wait till you become a parent and only then will you understand’ started making more sense.

The fever relapsed over the next couple of days, culminating into Amay’s 1st tooth. We took him to a doctor, gave him tooth soothers, did all that was in our powers and went beyond, we are parents and now we understand.

Saturday, September 29, 2012


On a toll towards goa...

Friday, September 28, 2012


Off to Goa 4m Pune

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kapil Sibbal : misplaced anger

In the last couple of days, Kapil Sibal has trended on twitter and been seen on news. He has taken on the very fabric of a democratic nation by trying to control the freedom of speech that is a fundamental right of India and her citizens. True, people have misused this and been guilty of using this freedom as a means of achieving their own personal goal, but such people are few and rarely the average citizens who form a larger percentage of social networking users. Why hasn’t Samna the mouthpiece of Shiv Sena been banned despite instilling hatred amongst people from different religions/cultures/states?

There is a certain Congress man who goes by the name of Digvijay Singh, this politician needs censorship more than anyone else. Numerous others have abused the freedom of speech in a manner that best fir their own ulterior motives. So why isn’t the common man, the voting class, allowed this? Why is that a platform that connects people in their outrage against the system being marked for censorship? The answers don’t lie at 10 Janpath for this particular question, but instead in Ralegan Siddhi and some countries of the world like Tunisia and Egypt.

That Anna Hazare, the Jan Lokpal crusader has brought the government of India on its knees twice in a few months doesn’t go down well with the ruling party. The Gandhian, immensely popular with young and old both in India and abroad, has been successful in uniting the citizens of India like no one else in the recent past. Twitter and Facebook have both played an important part in this particular revolution. People have found a platform(s) where they can share views and get in touch with like minded folks. This scares the wit out of the government.

No ruler whether democratically elected or otherwise, likes the citizens to question his/her actions both publicly and vociferously. What further scares Mr Sibbal and his band of stooges are the events of a few months back when governments were toppled in Tunisia and Egypt by their people who connected and reached to each other over Twitter and Facebook. Thus the panic attack.

To Mr. Kapil Sibbal, I ask, are there more internet users in our beloved country than those who read the printed word? Haven’t papers and magazines with a political bend been used to instigate the public and misguide them by mixing facts with fiction? What has been done to censor them? Why are people like Praveen Togaria, Naren Modi and Bal thackarey not behind bars or up in the gallows? Why is Kasab still alive while it’s been 3 years since he killed my brethren?

It’s the amazing power and ability of social network that has united a vast country like India, and it’s youth. The collective power of youth led by a man who has unquestionable character, Mr Anna Hazare that has the rulers of this country wet their pants. If Jan Lokpal is not passed in the form and date specified by Anna, all he needs to do is make a call and the nation will be on the streets with him supporting his agitation for the benefit of one and all. Word spreads faster on Twitter and Facebook now than the wild fires. Time to change proverbs and leaders has arrived. Jai Hind.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Nawabi Shauk literally

In a rather shocking development, it has been brought to the notice of yours truly that Saif Ali Khan, the new Nawab of Pataudi has taken his becoming a Nawab too seriously and is now turning the other cheek in matters of love. The first thing to change was the tatoo on his hand which has changed from kareena in the not so distant past to karan now.
Notice the left hand
Bebo has refused to comment on this, and is belived to be in a very depressed mode, having already seen RA.1 thrice, she has now booked, a unreliable source has confirmed, one entire theatre to watch DamaDamm by herself.

Saif played it safe and was not available for comment to this reporter. Never in the history has a Nawab come out in the open so publically with his Shauk. Karan Johar, is very thrilled and is now making Dostana's sequel with himself and Saif.

*All images are the courtesy of the internet while the idea is d brain child of a brain, which has not much to do these days.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Prologue - My Girl

“There she is!” he exclaimed pointing his fingers at Sama. Barely able to move himself he cursed out loud looking at her, covered in soot and blood. She lay still, despite the heavy rains, she was not even flinching. Worried he tried to stand up, couldn’t, crawl, couldn’t, drag himself to her, couldn’t. Scream is all that he could while the rescue workers went up to her and checked her for injuries.
Even in the darkness of a moonless night, and the rain, he could see that they were worried.
“Is she all right?” he shouted again.
“We don’t know sir, please calm down” said a voice close to him, he turned his head towards left and saw a rescue worker bending over him. They were all wearing green raincoats. The one close to him was observing his condition. He didn’t know much about it himself apart from the fact that he was lying face down on a cemented road unable to move. Something heavy was impeding his movements. He looked at Sama again, there was a lady bent over her, checking for pulse.
“There is a pulse!” she shouted over to him. There was a trickle of warm water over his cheeks.
“Thank you God” he prayed silently as he saw the lady ask for a stretcher.
“I will not leave the bastard alive who did this to you Sama” he promised his daughter as they took her away in the stretcher.
“Sir, what happened here? How did this block of concrete fall on you? Was there an explosion?” asked the person on his left.
“I can’t remember” he replied, he didn’t want to divulge the details, but wanted to take revenge by himself and feigned passing out. In his mind however, he was committing the last couple of hours to his memory.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Lust n Hunger VII

That's how the story begins Part1, Part2, Part3, Part4, Part5, Part6

"I woke up in a hospital bed, with tubes jutting out of my body. There were monitors around me, the breathing was different, slow and deep", he continued.

"Hey you are up, she said, coming into my view."

"Hi I said, remembering her injury suddenly, I was worried about her. How are you? I asked her."

"Fit silly, it's you we should be worried about. She put her hand slowly on my hand. You've been operated upon, there was a bullet in your neck, the doctors removed it. You'd be fine in a month or two, they say. She said fighting back her tears. Then, all of a sudden, she got worried, her face contoured weirdly, remember A, whatever anybody says, I love you. She bent down and kissed my forehead, I couldn't smell her perfume, which was a first, for she never was away from it. Akshar, I heard my mom call out." He stopped for a breath, looking at J, he lit up another cigarette, but didn't drag, just kept it between his fingers. Then he continued.

"I turned my head to see mom sitting on the couch, and looking at me. Ma, I called out to her."

"Thank god! After praying for a while, mom came to me, wiping the tears from her eyes with a handkerchief. Akshar, you are awake. This was all she could say before breaking down inconsolably. Oh! Akshar, I was so worried, the doctors said that you might never wake up, there was a lot of blood loss. She just wouldn't stop crying."

"Ma, I'm alright, nuts said the doctor removed a bullet, I should be fine in a month or two she says. I turned to face her, with a smile on my face, and winked at her. Only that she wasn't there. Nuts where are you? I asked, bewildered, at not getting an answer I turned to face mom. She was staring at me now, the tears had dried up. When did she speak to you beta? she asked"

"Just before you called my name ma, she was right here. I said, pointing to where she had been standing. She was holding my hand ma. Did you see her leaving?"

"Akshar, son you are talking, dad said walking into my frame of view. It's so good to see that. He too couldn't control tears swelling up in his eyes."

"He spoke to Natasha, just some minutes back, mom told dad."

"His expression changed on hearing this, what's the matter pa? Why are you looking surprised? Where is Natasha hiding? Nuts I called out her name, no response, Nuts I called again, louder this time, Nuts, I almost screamed this time."

J noticed that the cigarette had almost burnt unto A's fingers, but he wasn't aware of it. She took it from his hand and extinguished it in the ash tray, she quietly diluted his drink, careful to not brim it totally with water, she let him continue the story.

"Akshar, son, Natasha couldn't make it, the bullet in her brain caused sever heamorrage, there was a lot of blood lost, she passed away before she could be brought to the hospital. Dad said slowly."

A fell silent for a while, taking a sip of water, he looked into J's eyes, "you know I still see her often."

"Who? Natasha?" J asked.

"Yes J, she might not be in this world physically, but I can feel her presence around me, I see her often, sometimes we go for a walk. She wants me to move on with life, to fall in love again." He looked serious as if he believed it all.

"You know J, I told her about you, she likes you, she says that you are a good girl, that you'll keep me happy." He took J's hands in his own while saying this and almost broke into a smile.

J was freaked to say the least, but she couldn't say anything, she was afraid of his current state of mind.

"When we were making out, for a second, I saw her, on top of me, blood trickling down the side of her face. I've never seen her like this, whenever we are together, she's dressed in the red top that I'd given her with a blue denim skirt, her hair in a neat bun, just as I always liked her to be." He was silent.

"Bullshit", she said to herself. It couldn't be true, could it? She wondered, guys have lied to me to sleep with me, this would be a first if it ain't true.

"A, you understand how creepy this sounds don't you?" J said in a low voice, keeping the eye contact.

"Yes", he replied. "You know, I've even seen doctors, but they don't believe me, I understand that Nuts is no more in this world, but there's a piece of me that doesn't want to believe this to be true. It's kind of a paradox, when you believe in a lie because the truth is painful, but you also know it's a lie which of course is a happy lie, you make yourself to believe in it, and not. Both at the same moment."

"Wait, A I don't understand, you know it's not her, you want it to be her, but she ain't so you believe that it's her. Fuck you ass hole, I don't want to be in your shit." J replied and started getting up from the bed.

"J, wait, listen to me J, I was fucking with you, and you believed all of it. I had come to get protection, silly but you couldn't keep a moment away from me, you horny bitch." He was laughing now.

"What's funny A? Stop fucking around, what's going on? Out with the truth." She was angry now.

"Jasmine, romance at short notice is my specialty." He winked at her, "I just came up with a story, and you bought in, so I just kept adding it, till it got out of hand and I couldn't control laughing any longer, the breaks I was taking weren't for crying, but for not laughing. You should have seen the look on your face, was fucking hilarious."

"You are an ass, you know that, you had me worried", she slapped him hard and then pushed him, beating him with her hands, he was laughing, slowly she started laughing too. He caught her hands, preventing them from hitting her, and with a jerk pulled her over into a tight embrace, and kissed her on the neck. Behind her Nuts was standing, with a I-told-you-so-expression. He winked at her and put his hand under J's top.