Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Amay’s 1st tooth

Growing up, one of the few sentences I often heard was ‘wait till you become a parent and only then will you understand’. This has actually been ringing into my ears since I became a father. It’s been nearly a year that Amay was born. Probably the shortest year in my life, the time has just flown by.

Seems, just yesterday that we went to the hospital and within hours the doctor handed me a pink child who couldn't open his eyes. Well, he wasn't alone I couldn't open mine too as tears were flowing from them and the biggest possible lump made it’s way up my stomach to my throat.

“It’s a boy”, the doctor said.
“Amay”, my heart said.

Life has been a roller coaster ride and the year past, had milestones a plenty. His 1st flight, his 1st meal, his 1st words and his 1st step.  The world, our world has been rotating about him. Then last week there was another milestone and the reason for this post. Amay’s 1st tooth.

I was woken up from my not-so-deep-slumber by my wife and told that he had fever.  I often dismiss her ‘fever’ claims as her paranoia. She is too protective a mom, and I a pretentious-cool dad. I play cool, I have to play cool, someone has to play cool and wear the sanity hat. I touched his throat that was warm, his hands warmer and his forehead the warmest.

“It’s nothing, don’t worry get the thermometer” I asked her, and saw that he was sleepy, tired may be. I pat him up a bit, wore my foolish face that makes him peel with laughter. No response.

“Here” She’d come back.

I put the thermometer under his arm pit and waited for it to beep. 102.5, the reading startled me a bit and any iota of sleep that was left, vanished from my lazy body.

“Play cool”, I reminded myself.

“How much?” she asked.

“Just 102, don’t worry get the medicine bag” I ordered as dismissively as I could, betraying my own fears. She returned with the bag, as luck would have it, we had only used the fever medication and nothing else from the bag. Though, the bottle was more than half full, we didn't remember when it was opened, at least a couple of months back, I thought.

“I’ll go get some new one’s”, I said, “you try to make him fall back to sleep”.

“Where will you get any at 5 in the morning?” she enquired.

“Don’t worry, try to sleep” I replied, convincingly being a father is difficult. Being a father is very difficult. You can’t show your worried face to the mother of your child lest she should get even more tensed and in turn you get even more worried it is vicious cycle.

“102.5 is high if it crosses 103 I’ll call an ambulance” I told myself, “I’ll be back quickly” I told her. Half wearing my shoes I jogged down the stairs, contemplating between running to Tesco, about a mile from my place and calling a cab, then I had a massive brain wave.

There’s a petrol bunk almost next to my house, and thus a small convenience or payment store that is open through the night. I had not been to that store very often, but my brain was repeatedly flashing images of a medicine shelf and in it, the medicine that I needed. I did not remember seeing any medicines in the store whenever I’d been there. However, a voice and an image inside me forced me to get into the store.

There it stood, a bottle of infant ‘paracetamol’ right behind the counter. I quickly ordered it checked the dates, the doses made the payment and was back home in a jiffy. The wife was surprised at my speed too. I told her about the store, keeping the images and voices to myself. The medicine worked almost immediately and the fever subsided in about a couple of minutes.

He was sleeping soundly, after a few more minutes, looking at him those words ‘wait till you become a parent and only then will you understand’ started making more sense.

The fever relapsed over the next couple of days, culminating into Amay’s 1st tooth. We took him to a doctor, gave him tooth soothers, did all that was in our powers and went beyond, we are parents and now we understand.


  1. Wow... Thats pretty cool to be a dad, I didn't know that much of the story. Although the effort put in the lines to describe as it happened to make blog a hit is best part ;)..... All the best for next challenges of being a parent... :D

    1. hahaha maninder... this was just as it happened... no extra efforts were made :)

  2. I was dere to witness all d feelings cuming out...no words to explain.... Superbb

  3. Awesome jiju .... when i was going thru the post i can imagine each and every moment as it is happening in front of me.. It is only because how genuinely u defined everything direct from ur heart and i can sense your emotions in each every word ..... In the end only one thing i can say PERFECT beyond perfection��

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  5. Awesome writeup Abhishek...:) So emotional.. Lots of love to Amay..

  6. Too good writeup Abhishek!! Felt your love, care, worry, happiness for Amay! He is truly a Lucky baby boy and u r lucky parents! God bless all

  7. Neerav here...Sahi ja rage ho dost...Neeti Ne padaya...tumhare is talent ke to him purane kadrdaan hain...intact is jaise aur kai talents ke nhi :)
    Jaldi batiyato hoon, bahut din ho gaye hain

    1. thanks dada.... bade bade shehro mai kabhi kabhi...